Auditing, Tax Consulting and Accounting Services

The Firm provides auditing and accounting services for public and private companies, governmental companies, local municipal authorities, and a wide variaty of industries.

The Firm provides services to clients in the fields of construction and real estate, industries, medical services, tourist lodging, restaurants, insurance agencies and more.

Stock Exchange Prospectus

The Firm provides services of prospectus preperation for issuing of stocks in the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.

Tax Consulting

The Firm provides tax consulting services with regards to its client activities in Israel and abroad.

Claim Evaluations

The Firm performs accounting and financial evaluations for business interruption and stock losses claims. This includes expert analysis of insurable economic losses and loss of profits. Additionally, the Firm supplies various economic damage calculation services.

The Firm was involved in the biggest insurance claims in Israel in the past 10 years (up to $100M claims), and performed claim evaluations in events at the industry, trade companies, petro-chemistry and more.

The Firm supplies independent assessments to the following insurance companies:

  • The Israeli Phoenix Insurance Company
  • Klal Insurance Company
  • Arie Israeli Insurance Company
  • Migdal Insurance Company
  • Ayalon Insurance Company
  • Harel Insurance Company
  • Generali Global Risk (London)

Internal Auditing

The Firm executes internal auditing to corporations.

Budgeted Organizations Auditing

The Firm audits budgeted organizations such as non-profit organizations, financial companies of local authorities, and more.

Investigative Accounting

The Firm provides investigative accounting services.